from—07 to —16 FEB


In dialogue with Iberescena.

del 07 al 09 Feb:with Stalkersdel 09 al 16 Feb:residence at Graner

He is a resident artist since 2012 and as of 2016 a member of the operational lot of artistic residence space of choreographer Cristian Duarte (Sao Paulo / BRA). A space dedicated to the formation, reflection, and development of body and movement arts. Since 2014 he is a stable collaborator of the artistic work of Duarte and Júlia Rocha (Sao Paulo / BRA). From 2017 he created a research field DIZER FAZER with Haroldo Saboia and premiered his first job as director, AQUILO. As a playwright he develops his career stably with Brazilian choreographers such as Cristian Duarte and Júlia Rocha. In 2019 he started a new creation with the artist Clarissa Sachelli for the dramaturgical development of a new solo, A Choreographer.


The starting point of the scenic laboratory residence:

Since 2014 I have been part of a residential space created by choreographer Cristian Duarte. Since then 5 years ago I accompany and collaborate in the dramaturgy of their shows apart from that from 2017 I started my own work. The proposal of this artistic residence of creation is to allow a point in my practice as a playwright. And reflect on the meaning and role of my figure. As well as the concept of “drama” in the language of dance and movement. And ask ourselves about textual dramaturgy within the 21st century.

Keywords: dramaturgy, exodrama, the figure of the dramaturgist, accompaniment, dance and theater in the 21st century. The writing of the movement beyond “drama.” The residence will ask about the role of the playwright in the dance pieces in relation to the concept “drama.”


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