—31 JAN & —01 FEB

Why should it be more desirable for green fire balls to exist than not?


In dialogue with Sala Hiroshima, La Caldera and Graner.

31 Jan 20:30h | 01 Feb 20:30hSala Hiroshima50 min.14 € online | 16 € box officeBuy ticketKit-Sâlmon<

I graduated from the State School of Dance (Κ.Σ.Ο.Τ.) (GR) and then from P.A.R.T.S. (BE). As a dancer I have worked with Salva Sanchis, Marc Vanrunxt, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Lance Gries and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/Rosas. As a choreographer I am busy with personal movement and the content that this carries. I have created ‘Hardcore Research on Dance’, ‘Phenomena’ and ‘New Narratives’. I lived and worked in Brussels for 13 years. In 2017 I moved near Barcelona. My work is being produced by KUNST/WERK in Belgium.


‘Why should it be more desirable for green fire balls to exist than not?’ is a solo dance piece in collaboration with visual artist David Bergé. Images and movements imbricated with each other create a space for the audience to read between the projections, the dance and their ephemeral relation to each other.

How playful can contextualization of an image be by the means of the language of dance? Do meanings become malleable next to a body moving? What is happening in the space between the performer’s and the audience’s perception?

This space between our different perceptions is perhaps where dance is happening.


Choreography and performance: Georgia Vardarou
Set design: David Bergé
Lighting design: Ana Rovira
Outside eye: Marc Vanrunxt
Photographs by: Agni Papadeli Rossetou, Elina Loukou, David Bergé
Thanks to: Salva Sanchis
Co-production: Dance Umbrella Festival, London (UK)
Residencies: Graner, La Caldera Barcelona
Production: kunst/werk vzw


Instagram @_georgia_choreo_

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