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Bacanal SÂLMON<

In dialogue with Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de creació.

For the third consecutive year, we will all spend a day together in Fabra i Coats – A creation factory sharing artistic practices, workshops and food. The Bacanal daytime party forms part of the Art, Education and Community program at the Festival.

It is a full-day experiential device to travel individually or collectively. Where 12 artists who focus their practices in live arts, share their research and actions in laboratory format with the general public. An opportunity to meet in the first person and approach your questions and research in a practical way.

Come with your expanded family and enjoy a day at Fabra i Coats!
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CREAmoviment – “LAB Un Món de Cartró”
(40 min. From 3 years) at 11h and 12h
One box, two boxes, … one hundred boxes. What can we do? Le’ts play? What if we were boxes? A cardboard world that invites us to travel and realize the landscapes of our imagination.
CREAmoviment are Helena, Cristina and Toni and their cronies: body, voice, play and listening. Together they give themselves permission to fall and unlearn to transform.
Two simultaneous experimentation spaces to explore with the body, space and objects that occupy it, hundreds of cardboard boxes.
Nyamnyam – “Carboni 14”
(120 min. From 7 to 99 years old) at 10:30h and 15:30h
The objects speak to us. In the ear they explain us lived stories and how we can be part of them. Do we listen to them? We build new stories together.
Iñaki and Ariadna are nyamnyam, a collective (in addition to a space) that works at the crossroads between live arts, pedagogies and critical gastronomy. Uniting their formations and deformations in various fields of creation, they aim to promote interaction and the exchange of knowledge in a holistic sense, incorporating organisms (human scale and others), systems, environments, relationships, etc.
“Carboni 14” is a transgenerational meeting space, which from common objects found in the same Fabra i Coats help us to build a performative installation that speaks of us.
Lolo & Sosaku – “Painting Machines”
(60 min. From 16 to 99 years old) at 16h
He is not a painter. Is a robot. Machines at the service of beauty. Let us participate together in this revolution that the movement has as an object of change. Do we paint or let paint? Are we spectators or do we want to be painters? Which side do we want to be on?
Lolo & Sosaku are an artistic duo that investigate the possibilities of sculpture as an expanded field. The link that unites them is the search for an object in contact with its surroundings and with the viewer.
A journey through his latest works in video format until “Paiting Machines” is a work still under development, in which we will create machines that paint pictures. This project has generated a lot of discussion in various artistic fields and networks, so we are interested in exploring it and creating a dialogue with the attendees. We and the machines.
Xavier Manubens “Under Construction # 7”
(50 min. From 5 to 99 years old) at 12h and 17:30h
Can you imagine that we are no longer at home suddenly but have been teleported elsewhere?
Xavier Manubens is a scenic artist and performer. Their practices revolve around the processes of transformation and transition, where ambiguity is present.
An investigation on the perception of space, its relations with the body, and with it. The traces that are left and how they are composed. A live installation, a drift of constant landscapes.
Mil M2 “Projecte Question” – Chile – IBERESCENA PROGRAM
(Continuous. All ages)
They say that when Socrates was asked what was the most important thing he had done, he replied: “I taught men to ask.” You sign up?
Mil M2 is a Chilean collective that creates artistic innovation devices for the public space, where its maximum is the collective generation of knowledge. They arrive in Barcelona with “Project Question” by Pedro Sepúlveda.
«Project Question» is a space to learn to ask ourselves and learn to build questions from empathy and a device that intervenes in the public space. An artistic intervention strategy aimed at fostering critical thinking.
Martika Minipunto “Castles in the air” – Cuba – IBERESCENA PROGRAM
(60 min. All ages) at 11h
Voice, word and improvisation come together to build new imaginary. We will discover sounds that we had never imagined. And we will imagine together the soundtrack of our feelings.
The catalogs would say multidisciplinary artist, but she prefers to present herself as an experimenter of writing and language. In their processes affective devices and desire archives are defining.
“Castles in the air” is the open exhibition of a workshop – laboratory designed for teens who have worked together for a week (from January 27 to February 1) through voice, word and improvisation. A living manifesto that emerges from a poetic laboratory.
Felix Blume – Radio ZZ and Zumzeig “Imatges sonores”
(All ages) all day, at 12h Curpuria presentation
Tune up all your senses to hear the scream of some wooden boxes and discover who Crupira is in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Sometimes for that reason, hearing and sight can follow different paths. A proposal for active observers.
He is a sound artist and loves to invite to perceive the environment differently. He is interested in myths and everything that relates the human to natural contexts. It has a very particular way of interpreting today. From the hand of Radio ZZ and Zumzeig they bring us this proposal of cinema for the ears.
Félix Blume is a sound installation that was performed in Mexico City in collaboration with Danie Godínez Nívon.
Paloma Calle & Massimiliano “Invisible Parties” – IBERESCENA PROGRAM
(90 min. All ages) at 13h and 18h
Come to dance. Your body is your alarm. Music and movement.
Paloma and Massimiliano work together in this piece that proposes a take of the stage by non-normative family nuclei through the scenic and musical.
It is a performative project of a festive nature that proposes a live exercise of the right to appear through music and dance. Special guest: Max Bultó
David Espinosa “The microbiotic creation”
(120 min. From 5 years to 99) at 12h and 15:30h
What is the theatre? What characters do you want to represent? The scene is part of your daily life. You accompany us to break the limits of theatricality.
Performing artist, his work revolves around the idea of representation, altering the equation of the elements that compose it and frequently using objects to replace the actor / body.
He proposes us a stage cooking workshop, where we will turn the idea of theatrical representation and enter the interdisciplinary universe to play with the different elements that can compose them (actors and body, spectator, space, time).
Alex Peña “Fabra i Coats?“
(150 min. From 7 to 99 years old) at 10:30h and 15:30h
With our mobile devices we will become true film directors. Audiovisual records in collaboration with Project Question by Pedro Sepúlveda. A free creation workshop using QR codes.
Alex Peña, artist of scenic descent in transition to a living offspring.
It is a free creation workshop for audiovisual record pieces that are designed and executed in any format. They are recorded, edited and posted on the internet using QR codes during the same session. A proposal in collaboration with Project Question.
Laia Estruch IN RESIDENCE Juan Manuel Zafra Institute “Playground Scene”
(Continuous. All ages)
Performative sculpture permanently installed at the entrance of Fabra i Coats. Do you dare to activate it alone? Do you want me to interact with your family or with your group of friends? All yours.
He designs sculptural sets conceived as scenes and laboratories open to the public, spaces for experimentation, which allow him to take the body and the word to the field of action through voice, sound and gesture. Therefore, one of the main characteristics of his work is based on exploring the scores in the physical setting of the stage.
It is a sculpture that is activated with the individual or group action of the public in interaction between the piece and the body of the participant.
Playground Scene is both a sculpture and a choral performance that was created by a group of students from the Juan Manuel Zafra Institute to put it into play with their bodies and their voices. Since then the structure has been installed in Fabra i Coats, forming part of the Public Heritage of the City.
Curated and coordinated by: A Bao A Qu
Creators EN RESiDÈNCiA to the Institutes of Barcelona is a program of the Institute of Culture of the City Council of Barcelona and the Consortium of Education of Barcelona, devised in cooperation with the association A Bao A Qu.
Facundo Alvarez, Marc Cabezudo, Jose Antonio Castro, Sara Franco, Adrián González, Elias Kammermeier, Verónica Moyano, Oriana Orosa, Isabella Cristina Palmieri, Clàudia Polanco, Laura Prada, Claudia Beatriz Rodríguez, Elizabeth Rodríguez, Pablo Rodríguez, Karla Salvador, Miranda Sánchez , Helen Mishell Suárez, Meritxell Valdelomar, Alex Valdivieso, Maria Vime, Marta Yeste (students of 4th ESO) and Sandra Gimeno (teacher).
Silvina Hernandez- Feboasoma “Experience Counter”
(Device for all ages)
You are the true chronicler of La Bacanal. Take this device and explain your feeling. Is art an engine of transformation?
She says that the task of resignifying waste materials has transformed her; To expand and share collective involvement processes, it proposes mechanisms to the public to get involved in the artistic experience.
A device that the spectator carries with him during his entire tour of La Bacanal, where he can turn his feelings on what he summons us.
Marc Sempere – Master Paellero
Stay with us all day and share a paella from the master paellero. “Compartir dona gustet”.
Marc looks for tools to curdle the common in different contexts and languages. Cooking paellas or performing scenic rituals are two of them.
Paella is a slow-brewed dish, built by the uniqueness and uniqueness of a variety of ingredients. As La Bacanal with the invitation of 12 artists who configure our ingredients to have a unique and meaningful experience for everyone.
Ràdio Nikosia vs Ràdio Fabra
Ràdio Fabra, this year with the participation of Radio Nikosia, do not forget to go through the studio!

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