In this 6th edition of SÂLMON< we wanted to share around the curatorship of the programme and generate three different relationships that would allow us to build new dialogues and mutual trust in the way of doing things. So we invited a choreographer from the festival, an organization from abroad and a local agent to share the curatorship of this edition and build these three frameworks of action:


JAUJA (The land of milk and honey)

This is a residency programme which aims to function as a platform where performing artists can meet up. It was born through dialogue with choreographer Javier Vaquero. In this first edition we have decided on Colombia as the country that we can create Jauja with.

To do this, we have put four Spanish performers and four Colombian performers in touch with one another, so that through different encounters, shows and meetings, they can generate good working practices, exchanging ideas and potentially creating new materials for the stage together. The two meetings that make up Jauja are under the umbrella of SÂLMON< and the Dance Festival of the City of Bogotá. Jauja is seeking continuity over two editions, with eight different artists in each one.

The artists involved: Gerardo Rosero, Santiago Sepúlveda, Street Jim, Adriana Urrea, Bárbara Sánchez, Cris Blanco, Javier Vaquero and Jaime Conde-Salazar.

With the support of: AC/E, National Dance Coordination of Colombia, Inartes, Internationalization Programme for Art Factories (Barcelona Culture Institute).


Over 2017, the NAVE team from Santiago de Chile and Graner shared information about their dynamics and their technical, administrative and curational operation. This led to temporary exchanges between their management teams so that they could share their experience on the job.

This relationship has allowed a person to join (as an intern) our production and communication team. We have shared ideas and know-how and NAVE has taken part in curating SÂLMON<, and specifically the Chilean focus of this edition.

The artists involved: Javiera Peón-Veiga and Maria Siebald.

With the support of: AC/E and Internationalization Programme for Art Factories (Barcelona Culture Institute).


Bacanal SÂLMON< is a dialogue – open to the public – held among residents of the Fabra & Coats factory and Graner, as well as artists invited specifically for this 6th edition of the festival. In the construction of this space, we have been helped by the Compartir Dona Gustet (Sharing is Delicious) collective, who are experts in bringing people together over cooking a paella.

The artists involved: Za!, Gerardo Rosero, Piña & Pedra, Bárbara Sánchez & Jaime Conde-Salazar, Sònia Gómez & Astrio, Blood Quartet, Vértebro, María Jerez, Natalia Carminatti, Anna Irina, María Siebald …

With the support of Fabra & Coats.