Activity related to theAir Pur installation by Iñaki Alvarez
2nd session of the project It is the microorganisms who will have the last word
Plaça Margarida Xirgú – Februrary 11th from 12h to 17h


Taking the installation Air Pur presented at the Salmon’ 18 festival as a starting point, we would like to talk about the relationship between upbringing and “free air” (the way the outdoor space is called in catalan and other languages). We want to focus on the new organizational ways around the shared parenting groups in our city and its surroundings, and open up a space to share tools, restlessness and knowledge.

This activity is also the second session of the project It is the microorganisms who will have the last word based on the concept of social fermentation. Think of breeding and transmission as an area of active and disruptive fermentation. Because as Aviv Kruglanski and Vahida Ramujkic explain on the zine Microcultures, air is very important during fermentation and also in social processes. The space, time and “free air”, the desire to experiment and play, are considered a luxury in our society; we think that they are really essential elements for the creation of ideas and resources that can help us to face the social challenges that we experience nowadays.

This meeting will take place at the Margarida Xirgu Square in Poblesec, the neighborhood in the context of the Montjuic Park; one of the most important “free airs” of our city, where inside the neighborhood’s equipment plan, there’s the demand of an environmental play space, an outdoor free access area for children and their families.

On Sunday 11th from noon onwards, we will open the day with an intergenerational workshop on fermentation. After, we will cook and eat altogether. Following that, we will activate the conversation around the topics of the day, to share experiences from different contexts and points of view. This activity is co-organized with the group of shared parenting La tribu Sugurú and Jordi Mas.

The activity is open to everyone, free of charge, and is intergenerational. If you want to participate in the workshop and/or join us for lunch, send an email to so we have an idea about numbers and the amount of food required.

It is the microorganisms who will have the last word is the proposal of the Nyamnyam Cultural Association selected as the delocated project at BcnProducció 17. The project works with the collaboration of Kris de Decker (low tech magazine), Adriana Parra, Aaron Vantsinjan, Aviv Kruglanski, Anna Coromina, Lara Garcia Díaz and Rubén Ramos Nogueira.