This workshop is aimed at performing arts professionals and is organized within the framework of the activities of the EDN (European Dancehouse Network) with the support of the Creative Europe Programme. Within the festival, it will develop a space for dialogue, reflection and content creation around the following subject: artists and structures – how we transform ourselves?

The programme is structured over two days. The first one is curated by the Mercat de les Flors, and centres around the following questions: what is the role of the artist in the institution? What is this dialogue about? How do we transform ourselves? The second day is curated by the PEA research group: Aimar Pérez Galí, Bárbara Sánchez, Societat Doctor Alonso, El Conde de Torrefiel, Jorge Dutor i Guillem Mont de Palol, Jaime Conde-Salazar, Eduardo Bonito, Elena Carmona and Cristina Alonso. It reflects on innovations in artistic teaching, linked to the creation of the ADAV (Delocalized Academy of Living Arts) and linked to the creation of a new administrative technical office (4D economy).

We will be joined by Spanish and international experts: Isidro López Aparicio (Liberus Artium Universitas, Madrid), Selina Blasco and Lila Insúa (Programas sin créditos, Madrid) and others. The workshop will be run in English.

EDN is a network of trust and collaboration between 37 European dancehouses from 22 countries sharing a common vision regarding the development of dance art across borders. Dancehouses have facilities for dance production, research and presentation, supporting systems for professional choreographers and dancers and have a public mandate under independent artistic management. Parallel to an ongoing annual programme they organize activities for learning and participation and regularly engage in dance and similar fields both locally and internationally. Maintaining individualities and differences and working horizontally in methods and practice, all the members collaborate to promote the idea of a diverse Europe, secure a sustainable future for the dance sector and strengthen its relevance.

PEA (Artistic Expansion Programme) is a Graner research project that has the support of the Banc Sabadell Foundation.

The EDN Atelier is part of the festival’s mobility and actions for professionals programme