This programme you are now reading is still not ready. You may be surprised to learn that it’s unfinished because you can see printed names, texts, pictures, dates, places… Everything you would expect to find in a festival programme. However, something essential is missing and this is why it’s not ready.

We could try to convince you that actually SÂLMON< is not a festival like the others and that this is the reason things are still being prepared. But like a lot of other festivals, SÂLMON< is designed as a series of successive events concentrated into a short period of time.

We could go out of our way to explain the other approaches we’ve experimented with, how we explore new ways of working together and thinking about ourselves as a group and as individuals. But obviously there are lots of other people in the world trying to do the same thing.

We could even invent a weighty discourse and use this year’s buzzwords to prove to you that we are really hip and radically committed to today. But in fact, there are people who have things much clearer and are saying what needs to be said in a more emphatic and nicer way.

To be honest, all this could be a way of trying to seduce you into believing that, in fact, SÂLMON< is a unique and very special event that you can’t miss, where you can see wonderful things done by great artists…

But why are we saying that it’s unfinished? Because we’ve sorely missed you during these months of preparation and what has enabled us to do all this work is the possibility of your presence. We’re looking forward to seeing you, we need your body to accompany us. We and each of the artists are waiting specially for you.

This effort only makes sense if you come. Are you going to come?