Massimiliano Casu
I investigate and experiment with different ways of representing the urban space, using art and culture, especially music and sound, as fundamental tools. I develop creative and collective projects as an artist, curator, researcher and teacher. I am part of the Crew Collective group.
Paloma Calle
My life takes place in a hybrid, changing land between research and creative performing arts, activism, non-formal education and being a homemaker. I use the stage or performance to propose a philosophy which reflects from a place of doing, using the body, rather than words or reasoning. I try to get across knowledge or beliefs that are not usually investigated in the traditional or academic way. I use distance and humour, as well as autobiographical material and questions as a tool in my work. My approach is intersectional and feminist and diverges from the heterosexual norm.
I have worked with institutions in Europe, Asia and Latin America like Matadero, Intermediae, La Casa Encendida, CA2M, Facultad de Bellas Artes de Madrid y de Cuenca, MUSAC, Programa Aprendanza, Rimbun Dahan (Malaysia), Festival Panorama (Brazil) and Espacio NAVE (Chile), amongst others.
Not even God knows Max Bultó … yet.
I have only just arrived in this city, in fact in this world, really, and I think I’m going to have a
ball. I have spent too long bored and closed up. I’m a performer, ‘transdragking’, amateur DJ, entertainer, speaker, a mysterious person, party-goer … I am a versatile, changing, hybrid and rebellious being.


The ‘Invisible Party’ is a piece of land in a city that is converted into a space where we can remember the battles that were fought in the name of openness and equality. It is a festive style performance that proposes a direct exercising of the right to be seen through music and dance, creating a vibrant, physical reflection on what we consider collective power to be. It takes place in an urban space where, nowadays, unacceptable exclusion, violence and inequality are the norm.

‘Invisible Party’ throws out these questions and creates an open space where people who are affected by these reflections and experiences can become visible, not just to protest but in a much more positive, physical way, which is what is often lost when they spend their time hiding from society.


Creation: Paloma Calle and Massimiliano Casu
Collaboration: Max Bultó