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In dialogue between Graner, Mercat de les Flors, Antic Teatre, La Poderosa and La Caldera.

13 Feb 20:00h | 14 Feb 19:00hGraner70 min.10 €Buy ticketKit-Sâlmon<

Foto: Tristán Pérez Martín

I am Lautaro Reyes, director of Camaralucida since 2012. The focus of my investigation is finding and developing ways of communicating within a sensory field, using this proposal to open the mind of the observer to subjective narratives.
‘Camaralucida’ has shown works at Antic Teatre, Conde Duque, Sat teatre, Sala Hiroshima and Mercat de les Flors, and taken part in various festivals including Sismògraf, Per amor a l’hart (Festival d’Arts de Carrer de L’Hospitalet), Dansat, DNA Movement | Romaeuropa and SÂLMON<, and the DanceWEB ’14 Brut Nature ’18 and FF90 ’19 cycles.


‘Ceremonia’ is a celebration of the abstract. A scene that takes place in the imagination. This piece of work investigates the possibilities that exist in the performance as a place of introspection and experiment, in a context of absorption. The artistic elements: light, space, body and sound together build up a performance that leads the observer into subjectivity and abstract narration.


Direction and dramaturgy: Lautaro Reyes
Performers: Xavier Auquer, Alba Barral and Élise Moreau
Set and choreography: Camaralucida
Lighting design: Horne Horneman
Sound design: Lautaro Reyes
Sound space: Quim Fondevila
Costume assistance: Elisa Keisanen
Video and photo: Alice Brazzit
Production: Elclimamola
Coproduction: Festival SÂLMON<, La Caldera, Graner.


Instagram @camaralucida__

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