Mediation, key for the development of a new model of cultural institution for the 21st century.
Sâlmon< Festival generates a broad context of programming for professionals where the concept of mediation acquires special relevance. Mediation generates spaces of trust for a diverse scope of agents, a relational context of mobility and flow where artistic matters can be shared, analysed, studied and expanded from different complementary and constructive points of view.


There are various activities spread throughout the program:

– The mediation conferences between artists and educators of the PERMEA and BARYOLA projects are open to the participation of programmers who are interested in the application of education methodologies to their programming.

– There will be continuity and the projects from previous editions of PRO365 will be opened to various interested professionals, aimed towards local programmers and STALKERS, a project which is linked to new curators in the theatre environment.

– The real time composition lab for cultural managers, led by Joao Fiadeiro, will take place from January 27th to 30th.

– On February 8th at La Caldera we will have a meeting day for professionals in the creative sector, artists, programmers and other types of agents, to share creation processes and practices from multiple points of view and from different territorial perspectives including local, national and international views.

-From February 10th to 16th, there will be a series of talks and labs on the context of emerging creation in South America, based on the experiences of the NAVE cultural project in Chile.


These activities are a live methodological space that will adapt to the evolution of the projects and the interests of the various professionals involved, where the objective is to generate shared knowledge that can empower the mobility of content and practices in the short and long term, establishing information channels and stable reliable bonds that permit collaboration on both a local and international level.