El Graner is a centre for the creation of contemporary dance and performing arts. It is a space in constant movement that supports artists in residency, adapting and moulding itself to their pace of work.

We understand the process of creation as one of trial and error. It is fragile by nature, a journey that begins with a question and is explored with uncertainty and with an element of risk which serves to enrich the process of research and reach beyond regular conventions.

This is precisely the reason why Graner was designed as a flexible institution, able to adapt to the changing needs of the creation process and all its crises, because this is the place the artist’s journey can be shared, allowing them to explore, innovate and create their own language.

Above all, we place constant value on time, long-term relationships and trust. El Graner is a place that is inhabited, and inhabiting a space means participating in it, being part of it, and feeling it is home, while forming an active part of its construction. It is only through the profound knowledge of each other that artists and institutions can work and grow together.