Every body, with its wonderful peculiarities, is an open door to the knowledge of the world. Our bodies, alive and living, are a source of unlimited experiences: things happen to us because we have bodies. Because things happen to us, we are capable of understanding, perceiving, sensing, imagining and, in short, knowing. For this reason, perhaps, it is increasingly difficult and absurd to distinguish and separate knowledge from actions.

What if we dare to cross barriers and allow the phenomena of the world to migrate freely?

What if we stop treating artistic practices as isolated events closed in upon themselves, and recognise their ability to create reality?

What if we recognise that the ultimate purpose of creation is to produce an experience and, therefore, knowledge?

The Salmon Festival, in this new edition/stage, is conceived as a celebration of the body as a place of learning and source of knowledge. Beyond disciplines and genres, beyond classrooms, theatres and museums, beyond styles, schools and history, live art is an experience, it is an opportunity to extend the limits of what we know.

Therefore, if the issue in question is the fascinating task of learning, it doesn’t make sense to restrict this festival to the conventional exhibition of theatre pieces. Among other reasons, because this condemns us to be mere consumers of culture, or in other words, of more or less sophisticated entertainment. Knowledge is only possible as the result of a collaboration between people who decide to share a time and space. For this reason, what Salmon is asking of you is complicity.

You are much more than mere receivers of shows. Your bodies, your ability to think, to feel, to do, to imagine and to understand are the heart of this festival. We want Salmon to be an opportunity to learn and to generate knowledge freely between people. For this reason, we would like to present the proposals for the artists as invitations to use your bodies, with all of their skills and uncertainties, with all of their sensitivity and fascinating specificities. In short, what we want is for everything that happens to us while we are together, participating in everything that we have prepared, to extend our imagination of what is possible.