That place

Sometimes, when everything feels very overwhelming, when reality intensifies, it can be helpful to take a step back and look at things from a distance. To move out of the eye of the storm, not so much to elude our responsibilities but to obtain a wider perspective of things. From afar, our immediate environment takes on a more fathomable scale and it becomes easier to understand all the relationships, commitments, flows, movements and desires that make up the scene. In short, distance provides us with a clearer picture of the surrounding landscape. This is the point at which observation is able to move towards contemplation and, consequently, the possibility opens up, not only to understand what we are looking at, but also where we are looking at it from.

We are aware that it only takes one small movement to change the perspective. But if, in the end, everything is dependent on the vantage point, we can always question where we decide to plant our feet and position our bodies in order to understand who we are and where we stand.

It is true that the exceptional moment in which we are currently living brings us, on a daily basis, face to face with all kinds of forces that endeavour to put us in places other than those we have chosen and direct our gaze at different landscapes from those that excite and interest us most. Fortunately, no matter how much anyone tries, we will never all see things the same way. That is not to say that agreement represents a utopian dream and we are doomed to live in disharmony; quite the contrary, it is precisely because the landscape is mountainous and diverse that balance is a possibility; the peaks offsetting the valleys.

That is why, perhaps now more than ever, we need to take a close look at exactly where we plant our feet and be conscious of the position we adopt in order to relate to the world and to others. Every action has a consequence and there is no doubt that a body that is aware of its existence and the space it occupies, a body that exerts its autonomy and independence, creates a reality in which both beauty and hope are able to exist.